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Target per player

Create 5 routes, for 5 balls, which roll downwards across later. The gameboard is tilted by than at the players side.

The beginning

All game-pieces are upside-down out of the gameboard. On turn, each player picks apiece from the stock, at random. The very first piece of each game is to be placed in the middle. Every next piece has to touch another, alongside or at a corner.

End of the game, score of a player

The gameboard is filled with game-pieces. The board is tilted for each player separately. ASt first tilt , the five balls of player one are rolled. Then the second player tilts the board on his side and rolls his balls.

Balls that are trapped in a Ď Uí somewehere donít count. Balls that end up in the corners donít count either.

Who manages to get the most balls to the opposite side ?